Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ashe Design "Word Art" Review and Free Photoshop Tools Guide!

You have to check out Ashe Design!  Wow, talk about a huge digital resource.  I asked to do a review for my blog and spent over thirty minutes over there trying to pick just a few things to review.  I wanted to play with everything.

You can start with the Ashe Design freebies (I am going to play with those Light Casts textures next).   And check out these Wall Display Guides!  These are great not only for professional photographers, but for mom photographers like me who want to decide how to decorate my own walls with my own images.  And be sure to check out the Light Cast overlays. I love Light Cast Babies.  I feel like a kid in the candy store over there.

But today I decided to review some of Ashe Design's Word Art. Word Art is a great resource when you want to easily add beautiful text to your images.   I picked a few from the Valentine selection for my review today.

Make sure you read all of the way to the bottom of this post because Ashe Design has a special freebie download link!

I added the My Valentine Word Art on this image from Jill Wellington.  Cute!

Word Art are simple png files, so you can drag or Place them on your image, Free Transform them to size, and then add color fill adjustment layers to change colors.  For this image I grouped a pink and red color fill layer to the "My Valentine" layer.  I put the pink layer just above the text to turn all of the text pink and added the red color fill layer above it and made its layer mask black and painted over the heart.  I love the combo of pink and red.  I also added a bit of drop shadow because I am an editing geek.

On this image from Jill Wellington I ran my Velvet Rainbow Luxe action and added some romantic Word Art.

Here is a B&W version.   

Now, on to the freebie!

FREE Photoshop Tools Guide from Ashe Design

FREE Photoshop Tools Guide

Are you ready to take your designs up a notch? Let's face it, Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) are amazing and powerful tools for designers, but learning to use these programs efficiently can be challenging to say the least! In addition to being a leading template designer for photographers, Ashe Design also offers an entire Learning Center dedicated to helping you use their products and learn Photoshop. If your plans for 2015 include more designing for your business or personal use you'll want to check out their Learning Center. They have resources for learning PhotoshopPhotoshop Elements and Lightroom. Plus, right now you can get their new Printable Photoshop Tools Guide for FREE! This free PDF printable shows you all the Photoshop tools and the keystroke shortcut for navigating around Photoshop. It will help you save so much time!

Design Like a Pro

When you combine Photoshop with the thousands of templates available from Ashe Design you'll be able to design almost anything for your clients or your own personal use, which means more sales or more fun projects! If you're just getting started using templates, you'll definitely want to understand how to use Clipping Masks. You can learn how to use them in this Ashe Design video.


Shop Ashe Design Templates

Don't forget to check out their huge selection of Photoshop templates. Some of their most popular template categories include:

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