Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Review of Pretty Presets "Color Luxe" Workflow Collection. I LOVE it!!!

I love using Lightroom and Pretty Presets.  Laura of Pretty Presets has been a sponsor and supporter of my blog for some time, and I am always excited when she sends me her newest Lightroom presets.  I heart Laura!  I don't just blog about Pretty Presets, I use them on my own images all of the time.

If you haven't used presets before, they are similar to Photoshop actions as they apply an edit to your image with just a click.  Presets are easy to tweak after you use them, and you can often combine several presets on one image to get your perfect edit.

Last week Laura sent me her newest preset collection called Color Luxe Workflow. This set is gorgeous on natural light images and not only artistic but practical.  It comes with 40 presets and 25 brushes.  Luckily my talented photography friend Margaret Jackson  sent me some of her recent senior SOOC images so that I could play around with my new PP presets.  I am so darn lucky!!!

With just a few clicks I went from nice to stunning.

I want to walk you through an edit using the Pretty Preset Color Luxe Collection.  Below I listed the 5 presets I used on the image in the order I used them.

Here is another edit using four presets. It took me literally a few seconds to edit.

And another edit using only two presets.

If you are a Lightroom user and love using presets, please check out the Pretty Presets Color Luxe Workflow Collection.

Whether you want a simple clean edit, dramatic matte, hazy softness, or color tint you will find it all here.  Darken/lighten/fix color casts/vignette; this preset collection will bring your images from ok to AMAZING.

If you have purchased and used the Color Luxe Workflow collection please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear what you think about it!

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  1. Thanks for using images from my session with Whitley!! I love these actions!! Thanks for the tutorial! You are so talented!!!