Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Help Name My New B&W Baby Action!

Unfortunately we all have the flu (I am regretting not getting the flu shot this year) so I haven't had much time to work on the computer.  But yesterday the kids were napping and I was feeling pretty good thanks to some Advil, so I spent some time on Photoshop and almost finished two actions!

I used a beautiful image from https://www.facebook.com/adiaspeerphotography (http://www.adiaspeerphotography.com) in this edit.

The first one is this black-and-white action that is perfect for baby images (seen above on top of this post).  It softens and brightens skin and automatically adds some blanket fade (no adjustments on your part, it is all automatic) and has an optional ivory tint.  This action is perfect for baby images with light backgrounds and I will also post a version specific for babies on darker backgrounds.

I would love if you had any suggestions for a name for this action.  It does not have to be food/coffee related but it would be nice if it had something about babies in it.  If you have a name idea, please leave a comment below!  I would appreciate it so much as I can't put out the action until I decide on a name, and I am stuck.

I have also written this cool web-action that adds a fully adjustable (color, size, placement, type of paper) paper frame behind your image and also resizes and sharpens it for the web.  I will have several paper choices, this is just one.  This is such a fun action and I am really excited to release it!

I also have a few new storyboards coming out, and a LR preset.  Plus I am working on another baby-inspired action.  I am having a surge of creativity, so take that- darn flu!

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  1. How about "Heavenly Dreams" or "Angel Kiss"? This photo makes me think of clouds and Cherubs. Can't wait to try this action.

  2. How about "Baby Bliss?"

    Hope your little one is feeling much better—and you too. Thanks, again, for all your super wonderful actions. I use them often.


  3. First thing that came to mind when I saw it was WHISPER. It's beautiful!!

  4. How about "soft as a baby's bottom"

    …my first thought was "baby butter" but that just sounds wrong ;)

  5. Hummm... How about Slumber Baby, Just Dreams, Cinnamon Snap, Liquorice Love, Coffee Drop, Vanilla Creme, Baby Dream, Coffee Candy Baby, Wispy Wonder, Coffee Cuddle... Fabulous blog! Just love the tutorials and stunning actions!

  6. Ooh! How about Yesterday Dreaming or Twinkle Sprinkle?

  7. How about 'Soft Winter White'

  8. ooooohhhh, I like Black and White Baby Whisperer...
    Hope you all feel better soon!

  9. I suggest Black and White Baby Whisperer... hope you all feel better soon!!!!

  10. Marshmallow Creme was what popped into my head. I see that someone else had the same idea.