Saturday, September 14, 2013

Specials on Website and Logo Design by the CoffeeShop Sisters!

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably are aware I love posting here.  I just realized I am about to hit 1000 posts and 24 millions page views!  Most of my free time at home goes into creating tutorials and freebies to post here.  I have been so fortunate that I can do what I love and keep everything free here because of my wonderful sponsors and generous readers who visit and look at my ads, give donations, and buy my download packs.  Because of all of your generosity I get to stay home, homeschool my two boys, help support my family, and keep creating and posting free things here.

My sister Heather and I joined together a few years ago to start a small design business called CoffeeShop Designs.  Most of my passion and 95% of my effort is posting things here on The CoffeeShop Blog (it is my "real" job), but I found out I have fun doing some custom website design part-time.  It also helps fund my addiction to spend time working on this site...  ;-)

My sister Heather is an amazing logo designer, you can see a sample of her work here (she has a special logo sale going on right now!).  Heather, like me,  is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother.  I design websites/blogs and you can see a sample of my work here.  Heather lives four hours away so we mostly work together via email, but it has been fun having her join me in this venture.

I design websites and blogs using Blogger as a hosting site.  Two of the most affordable and popular hosting sites out there are Blogger and WordPress.  I know everyone has their idea of which one is "better", but I personally am a Blogger fan and use it for all of my websites.  You can read more about the differences here.

You might think that Blogger can be used only for blogging, but that is not true!  You can design complicated and beautiful websites, landing pages, blogs, or website/blog combos.  Blogger, owned by Google (helps in your SEO rating?), hosts your site completely free and you have the option to buy your domain through them for $10/year (so you can remove the "blogspot" in your address).   Talk about affordable.  I spend just $10/year to keep this site up and running.

Blogger uses Picasa to host your images on your Blogger site and and you get over 15 GB of image storage for free!  If your images are small, web-sized images they don't even go toward your storage limit.  I have hardly even touched my storage allowance and I won't have to ever worry about upgrading.  I have also found Blogger to be an incredibly stable website platform and they make it easy to back-up your entire template and site (blog posts, etc.).  You can even move your Blogger site to WordPress later if you want. ;-)  I heart Blogger so I don't plan on moving anywhere.

The best part  about designing and using Blogger is you don't have to pay anything extra for gadgets like you sometimes have to do with WordPress.  If you want a slideshow, music, contact forms, etc., a simple google search will link you to so many free resources that are usually just a copy and paste away from making your Blogger site perfect.  A custom-designed Blogger website doesn't look like a Blogger site; it looks like a professionally created website.

I love designing Blogger sites.  When you purchases a design from me I set up everything for you and even send full instructions on updating the design.  If you want an new look you will have the resources to do it on your own for free.  I also offer a la carte updates if you would rather I do it for you.

I also love designing website/blog combos.  For the same price as a blog, I will make and link pages (such as Investment, About Me, Gallery, Contact, etc.) and you can blog on the same site.  Here is one sample.  I personally like to have everything in one place rather than have to deal with multiple sites and many of my clients prefer that also.

Since it is my birthday month (and we are having to get our house painted, arghhh!) I wanted to offer a special to my readers.  Just use the coupon code "birthday" when placing a website/blog design order this month to receive the mega download pack for free (value of $49).  Not only will have you have a new and beautiful website, but you can also use my actions and digital designs on images for your posts and pages!

Here is one sample of a Blogger site before and after my design (designed today):

I have posted a few samples below of some of my designs.  Click on the image to see the site up and running.  I love designing for all types of clients including photographers, mom and dad bloggers, artists, business owners, crafters, etc.  I also love working with newbies who have never blogged or had a website.  If you have been wanting to have a new logo/marketing materials or blog/website for your personal or business use, please check out our CoffeeShop Designs!  We would love to work with you and don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

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