Paint Candy Sky Overlays and Pretty Presets Lightroom Workflow Presets!

I have so many new actions, tutorials and digital design freebies coming out in the next weeks. I have had this creative burst of energy because it has been too hot to go outside.  I can't wait to show it all to you!

Today I have something to post for both Lightroom and Photoshop/PSE users!

Photoshop/PSE users:  April from Paint Candy has gorgeous new sky, rainbow, and star texture overlays at her site and my readers get 20% off right now!!!  She also has instructional workshop videos available you should check out.   Read all about it below.  I personally love the image with the rainbow overlay.

Lightroom users:  If you follow my blog you know the only presets I use besides my own are Pretty Presets and I edited an entire maternity shoot using Laura's newest Workflow and Fine Art presets.  If you haven't checked them out please do read all about them below.  Pretty Presets also has Lightroom workshop videos for those of you that are new to the program.  I love her presets and they are worth every penny!

Now on to the goodies!


PaintCandy has released our newest collection. You will enjoy this fun adventurous collection!



30 Hi-Res Sky Images

6 mountain pngs

3 tree lines png

2 shooting stars png

FOUR Instructional Workshop Videos

1: Turn Daynight photo into night

2: Add Mountains and a Sky

3:Create your own Sky

4: How to add a sky


Rainbow Overlay

Layer Mask Action

Cloud Brushes


Bonus Rainbow Overlay



Create your own clean and polished look in Lightroom with the the Pretty Presets Workflow Set!!
This special bundle includes the following:
Included in the Workflow Collection:
  • All in One Clean Edit
  • Clarity Males and Still Life
  • Clarity Soften Babies and Females
  • Color Casts Fix Reds a Little
  • Color Casts Fix Reds a Lot
  • Color Casts Fix Yellows
  • Color Enhance Blues
  • Color Pop a Little
  • Contrast a Little
  • Contrast a Lot
  • Exposure Brighten a Little
  • Exposure Brighten a Lot
  • Exposure Brighten Center
  • Exposure Darken a Little
  • Exposure Darken a Lot
  • Exposure Lighten Shadows
  • Exposure Recover Clipping
  • Noise Reduction High
  • Noise Reduction Low
  • Sharpening Portraits
  • Sharpening Still Life
  • Vignette Low
  • Vignette Strong
  • WB Cool It
  • WB Warm a Little
  • WB Warm a Lot
  • X Reset Image
Special thanks to Brooke Logue Photography for generously allowing us to use her images for our preset examples.

“Beautiful! I love these more than others I just paid double for! If you use presets at all, this is all you need and a bargain!” -Tamee
“Thank you Laura! I am using them right now. LOVE them! Great job!” - Nicole
“I have these presets and am totally in love with them! I am playing with them, and will post some pictures, hopefully tomorrow!” - Michele
“If anyone’s contemplating buying her presets…don’t! They are SO WORTH IT!” - Joy
“I am SO in love with your presets! You do an amazing job!! I just finished up editing a senior session that I did using your edits and I can’t stop looking at them! Your presets took the pictures to the next level! Thank you!” - Katie
"I don't know how in the world I missed this wonderful tool from your workflow set. The exposure recover clipping is something I have wished all along where you want to do an all over brighten but your whites get washed out. It keeps the brights but brings the details back. What a lifesaver!! Going to be a go-to preset from now on!" - Hope
"I love your workflow presets!! They have made my life so much easier!!" - Kim