Need Help Losing Weight? Meet My New Affiliate, WorkoutPlanz!

I am trying to lose some weight. Shocking, right?  The last few years have added about ten pounds to my frame (and plenty of gray hairs to my head) and the weight is not melting off like it used to previously. We are already eating much healthier (gluten-free, plenty of vegetables and whole foods) but I need to start watching calories (hard to do when you love to bake) and exercising more.

Laura of Pretty Presets introduced me to her friend Jamie, who has a workout/healthy eating website that sounded interesting,  and I wanted to learn more about her programs.  She sent me all of the info and I had a chance to go over it and it sounds like something I could do.

I took a break during Christmas, but now I want to lose my "muffin-top" and get toned. I am starting the Jump Start plan next week.  It is a cleanse program that should help me lose some initial weight (and hopefully reduce my chocolate/coffee craving).  Sounds right up my alley.  I have a tendency to cheat on these things, so to keep myself honest I will let you know when I start the program,  finish the program, and if I feel/look any better.  If I can get results, anyone can get results.  :-)  I am thinking of asking my Mom to do it with me.

Once I get through that I hope to start one of the toning plans.  But I can't get ahead of myself and need to take this one day at a time.  If I continue as I have, I will weight almost 300 pounds by the time I am 80!!!  ;-)

I will let you guys know when I start. It would be cool if some of you would do it with me.  If you think you would be interested, leave a comment!

So now, I would like to introduce you to Jamie of WorkoutPlanz!


goal setting, planning, action steps Sally has 4 kids, runs a business, volunteers at the schools and at her church, is on a committee for helping kids in need, she's the family taxi driver, event planner, nurse, teacher, cook, and household manager. Sally has a goal of losing 10-20 pounds. Now, just how is Sally going to accomplish THAT in midst of her crazy life?

Sally is not anyone I know, but she's every mom I know. In one way or another, having a family, being a business owner, being a multi-tasking relational woman makes us busy! If Sally, or you, or I don't intentionally make things happen, then unintentionally, time will fly by without us and we'll never get around to the things we really wanted to do.

There are so many trends, fads, tricks and gimmicks in the world of fitness and nutrition. We know this just by standing in the checkout line at the grocery store! "Lose weight fast!" "The fastest way to firm up your thighs!" "10 Best exercises." "The Fat Burning Diet!" The hard part is that Sally, and you and I don't have time to look into every single diet, exercise, trend, or fad and research it's validity. Many of us don't have any background in fitness or nutrition so it all just seems like a big overwhelming mess of information.

What has driven me to do what I do is that women like Sally and like you often times get overwhelmed, discouraged and stuck not knowing what is right, what is healthy, what is realistic and you're left with a head swimming, a body needing some love and your hope deflating. was created to help and encourage women like us towards better health removing the fads, trends and gimmicks and just talking real, lifestyle stuff. No crazy diets, no fancy supplements, no life threatening exercises that leave you feeling like death when finished. I want to sort out all of that and just leave women with the things that they can do easily to help them find the success they're wanting. It makes my heart sing to help women find their fit self inside of a busy life.

For all of you CoffeeShop Blog friends, I want to offer you a 50% discount on our "Ultimate Fat Loss" bundle. It's regularly $72, but when you use the code "COFFEESHOP" while checking out, you'll get it for $36! Follow this link to read more about the plans we offer, to follow our blog, to access all kinds of free downloads to help you reach your goals. I look forward to helping all of you Sallys out there! "A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish." We have plans for you!

I’m a mama of 3 little boys and a wife to a bubble boy, a forever optimist, my biggest fan. I am also a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and group fitness director at a club in my hometown. Fitness was a hobby and then a career when I found out that I could have a job that is centered around encouraging others like you! I found that fitness was an in-road to people’s lives and hearts. I look forward to working with you. You can visit our website here and follow us on facebook here.


Kim Reed January 19, 2013 at 6:26 PM  

Hey there!! I would love to do this with you. I have about 40 lbs to loose... Uuggghhh it's so hard.. You can contact me at
Thank you Kim

Anonymous January 20, 2013 at 7:01 PM  

I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!