Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer on my Mind, and Preview of Coming Attractions!

Summer on my mind

I have been hard at work editing images from April 2009. Well... actually... OK, to be honest, I took a few days break from editing my 2009 images after finishing three months in less than a week.

So back to April 2009. I edited one image. So far... And already posted it here. You can say it; I am a geek...

Tonight I had to preview April 2009 and found quite a few amazing shots, including the one posted above. I had to put this up today because we have been freezing our rears off (it is in the 20's and 30's here, cold for this part of Texas) and we are still stuck inside.

So when I found this image it made me feel warm and reminded me that summer will be here soon enough. And it will be hot. And humid. But we will be outside and I can once again get some amazing shots of my boys. You can only take so many photos inside of your kids creating art, sleeping, or playing with their dump trucks with runny noses and red eyes. ;-)

Oh, so one edit finished for April 2009, only 500 more to go (give or take...)! This was edited in LightRoom and the frame was added in Photoshop (using clipping masks of course!).

I hope this reminds you of warmer times! And this post is also a preview of my newest freebie. I made some cool vintage photo corners and vintage frames and will be posting them in a day or two for download. Plus I have a few actions and tutorials coming this month.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oooooh!
    I am excited about those frames!

    I hear ya about this cold snap. It is no fun! I'm in Houston, and we are having a rough time here, too. It is 28° as I type this (12:30 a.m.) and expected to drop to 22° tonight! Crazy!

    Thanks for posting the sunny and warm pic. Wishing those hot, humid days were here again. Kind of. :)

  2. Very Cool!!! I am freezing in Dallas also, so I feel ya! Love the frame/corners! I can't wait...

  3. The photo is adorable, so is the vintage frame and photo corners. can't wait for those. As for summer, well you can have ours right now if you want to travel to Australia and come and get it, it's been 43 (109.something) for a few days now and there is no relief due for a couple of days, so over it, I think my camera would melt if I took it outside :-)
    Stay warm while we try to stay cool.

  4. love the picture and cant wait for the new stuff! We are freezing in Fort Worth. And while the kids and I are staying inside, nice and warm, My dear husband was out in the freezing cold for around 36 hours taking care of peoples homes and apartments from busted fire sprinklers. So yes this is VERY cold for Texas! lol.

  5. That is a beautiful picture - love the sunshine! It's freezing here, too!

  6. I love the photo...reminds me of warmer days. We are freezing in Virginia too. It does get cold here, but generally not this cold for this long. Brrrrrrrr.

    Love the vintage corners and frames. I was just thinking as I looked at your image "where did she get that wonderful frame!" But of course you created it!! :) Can't wait!

  7. Oh that frame is yummy! I want to thank you for all the wonderful actions you have given us. They have improved my workflow soooo much, and my clients couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

  8. That frame is cool!! Thank you, I can't wait!!

  9. Rita! Your stuff is as always absolutely wonderfull! Love the vintage frames!!!! They are gona look great on our new blog that you´ve made for us! Keep up the FAB work!!!
    Cheers from 2 Brides, Stockholm, Sweden!

  10. Many Thanks!
    I always leave your site with "goodies." WONDERFUL GOODIES!

  11. That's a gorgeous photo! I love how the light is shining on the flower in the foreground. Did you get that flare in camera or add it in post-processing? If you did it in post processing, any chance of a tutorial? I sometimes try adding my own flare, but it never looks so good.