Friday, February 13, 2009

Now for something completely different!

My first creative love is photography, but I also love doing old-fashioned handwork. I taught myself to sew (by hand and sewing machine) and embroider when I started staying at home with my first son. I know that many of my readers are moms who also love to sew and craft along with their photography, so I thought I would mention two books that I recently purchased and absolutely love (but have nothing to do with photography or editing!). These books are both written by bloggers and they are really excellent.

Doodle Stitching is a great embroidery book as it not only teaches the beginner how to embroider, but it inspired you to create you own patterns from doodles! The Creative Family is written by Soule Mama, another favorite non-photography blogger of mine. She has some great suggestions of fun things to do with your children that are really creative and inexpensive, and she really motivates you to spend more time out in nature and less time in front of the TV or computer (except when you watch Lost or read my blog, but you can do that after the kids go to bed and the snakes come out!).

And here is a book on my list next time I order on Amazon, it looks amazing and I love her blog Posie Gets Cozy.

OK, that was a little coffee break and next post will be back to normal! I have created a pile of bracket borders like the sample you see below that I will post for download in the next few days. I tried so hard to find some free ones like this so I could design custom blog headers (headed your way soon), but they are hard to find so I learned how to design my own using this Tutorial. They are .psd files you can just drag over to your image and fit to size. I will also have a tutorial on how to embellish them as I did below. The paper in the middle is part of my next texture pack (the pattern is a free one from Pixels and Ice Cream, one of my new favorite places to visit). I also have some new actions headed your way, so please keep on checking back!


  1. YAY! I cant wait to see the custom blog headers:)!

  2. Too fun! I will have to read your tutorial. I did read the vignette one, and I combined it with the one from Anne, and now have vignetting two ways, and if you use Lexi's idea incorporating colors...that makes 3 ways. But, at least I figured it out! And for that, I am proud! LOL