Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing My Sister Heather & CoffeeShop Designs Logo SALE!

I have mentioned before that my little sister and best friend Heather works with me even though we live hours away from each other in Texas. I actually started this blog because of Heather. She would ask me how I did my editing, so I decided it was easier to post it up on a blog rather than having to tell her over the phone or emails. Thus The CoffeeShop Blog was born! Who knew that I would eventually have readers that weren't just relatives.  ♥

A few years ago I decided to learn how to design blogs because I wanted to be able to update this blog whenever I wanted to. I really enjoyed learning html  and blog design techniques, and I started doing a few designs on the side for other people. I had requests to design logos, so I decided to give it a try since I love a challenge. Well, I realized that designing logos was not as easy as I imagined, so I called Heather and asked her if she would be interested in working with me as a logo designer.

Thus CoffeeShop Designs, our little part-time venture, was born. I design Blogger blogs and Heather designs logos. Heather and I are both stay-at-home, homeschooling moms, so this was a great way for us to have a creative outlet together and make a little money to help support our families.

I want to introduce Heather to you, in her own words.  BTW, Heather is a tall, slim, gorgeous natural blonde.  Thank goodness she was a gawky 13 year-old when I met my husband or I would never had a chance!  ;-) 

Heather is offering a special logo coupon code for my readers this month!  CoffeeShop readers that use the coupon code "coffeecup" can purchase a premade logo for $69 (regularly $89) or get $10 off a custom logo design.  This coupon code is good through the month of May.  :-)


Hi! My name is Heather and I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. But most importantly, I am Rita's little sister! ;-)

I live in North Texas with my husband whom I am very proud of. He recently medically retired from the army after serving two tours in Iraq. I am also blessed with two children, one of which I am homeschooling, while the other is toddling around underfoot. My children have inspired me to take many pictures and to experiment in Photoshop Elements, capturing their delightful play and smiles.

After following Rita's CoffeeShop blog for a while I started getting inspired to do my own editing and design. After some time I realized I loved designing logos and buttons, so Rita begged me to come over and help her out. We are a great team and luckily best friends!

I typically work in the evenings and homeschool my 7 year old and chase my toddler around during the day. I love creating logos because it satisfies my creative side.   Other things I enjoy are crocheting, playing the piano, and running. Best of all, I love photographing my children.



  1. Pleasure meeting you Heather and now we can say we are now following/stocking you as well thru the digital world with your sister. Pleasure is all ours and we love love love Coffee Shop.
    I shall sign this
    A dedicated Follower from Idaho

  2. I've had the pleasure of working with heather on several logos for myself and for friends. She's always so fabulous with her designs and very quick to answer emails. I'm pretty partIcular to work with and she was always nice as can be and made the whole process so easy. Heather Rocks!!!